Simon lived most of his life in a little Maine town. Now he studies politics in D.C. and has "gained perspective" (whatever that means).

Siena is a musician, painter, poet, reader, jewelry maker, and Woman in Business. When she grows up she wants to be a bodega cat in Brooklyn.

Tara is a budding artist with an obsession for yonic imagery, and is fascinated by stone age monkeys.

Ari is both a particle and a wave.

NVM Manifesto

The people of the nvm_tees Wearable Art Collective:

The meaning of our title acronym is twofold: Firstly, the N cannot stand for ‘no.’ The V clearly stands for ‘vagina,’ and the M stands for ‘man.’ The inclusion of ‘vagina’ and ‘man’ in the title is not an exhaustive description of humanity for we are indescribably magnificent. Therefore ‘n’ represents an unknown variable which may strike our minds at virtually any point. Because it is critical to remember, though there may seem to be two aspects in any given situation, there are always truly far more known and unknown possibilities. Regardless of study or natural wisdom it is impossible for humanity to ever understand all possibilities. Our artwork gestures at the meaninglessness and futility of our collective understanding, or the representations of reality we each behold.

Furthermore, to properly express the meaning of our art collective, physical forms of n, v, and m must run together, become each other. Where each letter ends and the next begins, it is forever impossible to determine.

There is no message, and that is hardly even the message itself. Any customer, business partner, or observer who uncovers a hidden meaning in some shirt or bag has simply unlocked their own mind with the aid of our collective. We have not intended for any viewer to come away with any particular message, but that does not exclude the possibility of understanding to some limited degree.

The second meaning to the acronym ‘NVM’ is ‘nevermind.’ The ultimate declaration of understanding ‘nevermind’ implies a hidden truth that the speaker understands but does not deem it necessary to share. Our collective would never ask another human to share their hidden understanding if they otherwise wished that knowledge to remain hidden.

We are each the creators, destroyers, and inhabitants of worlds. There are endless possibilities every microsecond of existence and any particular efforts anyway or another in any context may either be totally insignificant or of universal importance.

Our minds are so powerful.

-The nvm_tees Wearable Art Collective